McHenry Montessori School was established in 1996 and currently has five classrooms. We have an infant, toddler, two year old room and two 3-6 year old classrooms. We also have a before and after school program for school aged children. We offer a variety of programs including two or three day a week schedules and preschool programs. Our full, extended day kindergarten has proven successful and is a popular program at our school. Our nurturing staff works closely and cooperatively to live up the to the high standards that we have set for our school. We truly work hard each day to make the educational learning environment one of calmness, flexibility and dedicated support for each child. We believe in making learning fun and not a forced activity. We warmly welcome visitors and volunteers on a regular basis. Our summer program is a fulltime program which serves all ages up to age twelve and is orientated to summer themes.   We have special events, complete studies on world issues and work with many arts and crafts.

Our school has a security system, expansive playground with a high security fence. We offer breakfast, snacks and catered hot lunches. We are open year round from 6 am to 6 pm. McHenry Montessori School is a beautiful, inviting environment for the children to learn and thrive. An effective learning environment and curriculum contains a large variety of materials to support each child's different learning needs and stages of development.  We continually observe and evaluate the children and our program to ensure that we do have a well balanced curriculum.  Our educators consistently add and expand our materials to meet the children's ever growing minds and to keep the children enthusiastic about learning.   We encourage you to stop by for a tour today so you can see for yourself how enriching our programs are and how they could benefit your child and family.